Insider Insights February 2022 Issue

Supply Chain and Fiscal Policy Driving Inflation Woes 

Although there is much reason for optimism on the pandemic front, the long-awaited shock of inflation has finally hit the market and investors and banks are struggling to digest it. A combination of fiscal policy and supply chain slowdowns have caused inflation to spike and while it was widely known it was going to arrive at some point, the impact was a bit heavier than expected with implications for both traditional banking as well as the digital asset sphere.
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Varys Capital Announces Investment in Cherry Network

Varys Capital is pleased to announce an investment in Cherry Network. Cherry Network’s mission is to provide a truly trustless blockchain-based index system, allowing files to be optimally and efficiently retrieved on demand. Smart contracts running on the Cherry Virtual Machines are then able to interact with this decentralized file system synchronously and perform read/write and access rule operations.
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Insider Insights November 2021 Issue

The Metaverse Takes Hold

Facebook’s impending “Meta” rebrand has sparked interest and discussion about the “Metaverse” – a collection of highly customizable 3D worlds that focus on individual governance and digital asset economies with business, education, and retail applications. Though the Metaverse is still in its infancy, many prior and current use cases of online worlds with real-money transactions suggest that there is huge market potential for these online communities as their learning curves flatten and the products grow more flexible. The Metaverse saw an initial big spike in users in 2020 due to economies shifting online due to the pandemic – and a year later, it does not appear that they have any plans to leave.
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Insider Insights October 2021 Issue

Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High and is Well-Positioned for More

The price of Bitcoin has reached an all-time high yet again, following mid-year doldrums in which the market was battered by negative sentiment including regulation in China, certain large players such as Tesla expressing doubt, and negative sentiment from the press over high electricity use. The price has remained surprisingly stable considering the drubbing the market had been absorbing, and over the past few weeks it has surprised everyone by reaching a new all-time high of $67,000 after the first-ever Bitcoin ETF made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. Although the price has pulled back a notch as is to be expected, reaching a new ATH represents a renewed vote of confidence in digital assets following so much negativity in the preceding months.

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Insider Insights September 2021 Issue

China Cracks Down Further on Digital Assets, Markets Largely Unfazed

On September 24, the Chinese government announced that all monetary transactions involving digital assets were being made illegal, citing concerns over national security and social stability. Prices briefly dipped following the announcement, only to regain most of their ground a few short days later. Although the idea of regulators attempting to ban a currency is the very antithesis of what digital assets stand for, it seems that despite the harsh language used the global market may not be impacted nearly as much as previously feared.

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Insider Insights August 2021 Issue

High Tide in the Non-Fungible Token Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) shot out of the gate in February 2021, and while they were initially dismissed as a fad, they have shown incredible staying power and continued growth as the year has progressed. While the most well-known uses for NFTs are for digital art, such as when Beeple sold a piece for $69m, the marketplace has so much more to offer and has managed to fill several new market needs in the process.

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Insider Insights July 2021 Issue

Ethereum London Hard Fork Prepares to Go Live, Institutions Eye Proof-Of-Stake

On July 18th, 2021, the upgrade for Ethereum’s long-awaited London hard fork was deployed to its final testnet, with an estimated go-live date on August 4th. This move represents an important milestone in the progression towards Ethereum 2.0, which stands to be one of the most momentous advancements in the history of digital assets. The hard fork brings with it several immediate upgrades that may serve to provide several much-needed boosts as the sphere recovers from its sell-off over the past few months.

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Insider Insights June 2021 Issue

Sunrise in Digital Asset Market Following Sell-Offs

The digital asset market has been on a wild ride downwards over the past few months, attributed to negative sentiment from a few particularly large market movers and concerns of crackdowns over trading and mining in China, which had previously held the lion’s share of the network’s mining operations. Much of the prevailing sentiment has called this a repeat of 2018, but there are strong indicators that long-term oriented market movers are scooping up coins at a massive discount. .

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Insider Insights May 2021 Issue

Fintech Offerings Outpace Legacy Institutions

In recent years, traditional banking institutions have struggled with meeting the needs of their customer base. With a great reliance on legacy processes that have not changed appreciably in decades, the need for innovation has never been greater. Fintech offerings have sidestepped many of the slow mechanisms that have hamstrung traditional financial system development, and their influence is beginning to eat into the market share legacy banks had previously enjoyed without competition.

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