3Pillars of our Investment Methodology

Welcome to Varys Capital

Varys Capital is an investment firm focused on the placement of "smart money" in carefully selected blockchain projects in addition to leveraging sound trading strategies. Only the most promising and well managed blockchain ventures are chosen which exhibit signs of high-yield returns and long-term viability. In order to accomplish this goal, Varys Capital relies on its 3 Pillars.

Deep connections in the blockchain landscape and an unblemished reputation take time and effort to secure, foster, and cultivate. This integrity is the fiber running through each interaction in and outside our investor base.

At Varys Capital, an investor isn't just a financial asset, but rather a confidant leveraged to make only the most calculated of decisions.

Each LP is carefully handpicked taking into account a number of factors, with value add serving as the cornerstone of our strategy rather than financial contribution capacity. Collective perspectives are one of our biggest holdings.

The cryptocurrency landscape is constantly changing and even the slightest bit of news can create massive market swings. This presents a unique opportunity to leverage market volatility, but only with the use of preemptive intelligence, substantiated utterances, and carefully assessed historical data.

The fund employs quantitative analysis to invest in primary and secondary opportunities leveraging market extrapolations, price reading, A.I. and automated trading practices closely monitored and adjusted daily.

To complement the fund's quantitative approach, the fund also takes discretionary positions and special situation-type trades.

Being proactive as opposed to reactive is a necessity in respects to capital placement and management within the blockchain ecosystem.

Developing a fine-tuned infrastructure is only possible with the aid of high caliber personnel employing formats of internal checks and balances, as well as adhering to a set of standards that unequivocally produce results.

Varys Capital's efficiency originates from the management team and moves in a trickle down fashion.

Capital Placement (partial)

Varys Capital only invests in projects with true utility and long-term viability after careful consideration of multiple proprietary factors.

Changes in the market landscape have shifted the fund's portfolio emphasis to be centered on equity plays matched with well defined exit strategies.


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