Senior Venture Associate



Position Brief

Varys Capital is a driving force in the community, positioning itself as a powerhouse institution in both the North America and Asian regions with deep connections and strategic relationships.

With a distinguished and high-performing portfolio, Varys Capital has an extensive track record in blockchain-related venture investments. The fund is now poised to launch its first equity-focused fund, VARVCF SP1, with a mandate directed towards infrastructure, Web3/GameFi, DeFi primitives, and emerging verticals.

The team is segmented between New York City and Bangkok, offering global coverage and unparalleled deal flow. Varys Capital enters during the earliest stages of the investment cycle (Seed, Series A), typically contributing capital to later rounds.

This appointment offers a rare opportunity to interact with capable founders in a cutting-edge industry, assisting in critical investment decisions and analyzing various offerings while at the forefront of digital asset innovation.



  • Must be fluent in English (both verbal and written);
  • Have a genuine interest and belief in the digital asset industry;
  • Possess strong analytical skills and have limited experience in the finance industry;
  • Must have a proven track record of executing successful deals (buy or sell side);
  • Understand the mechanics related to managing a venture portfolio;
  • Have a passion for negotiating and be capable of meeting deadlines;
  • Working knowledge and experience pertaining to crypto-assets and blockchain technology; and
  • Familiar with Excel and Google interfaces.


  • M&A or trading experience is a plus (but not required); and
  • Having a financial designation or license isn’t necessary but is a plus.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Assist in expanding and managing the firm's deal flow, engaging projects of interest, communicating with company staff, and liaising with service providers;
  • Performing financial modeling, valuation analysis, and due diligence (e.g., deep metric assessment, quantitative and qualitative modeling, economic evaluations, etc.);
  • Perform market research to help identify new investment trends and opportunities while generating and reinforcing strategic partnerships;
  • Track investment exposure, liquid/illiquid supply, and other KPIs (key performance indicators) in addition to continuously rebalancing the portfolio;
  • Create briefs on recent investments that are distributed to the fund's investor base;
  • Work with the Head of Venture and fund manager to negotiate favorable terms and develop strategies related to mergers, acquisitions, and exits;
  • Work closely with the fund's quantitative trading division for exchange listings, market-making efforts, and liquidity provisions;
  • Assist in the negotiation of term sheets, offering LOIs, and assisting in the finalization of investment documentation;
  • Assist in the management of the venture budget, especially during the fund's deployment and divestment phases;
  • Attend events, seminars, roadshows, and blockchain/financial networking events to further the agenda of the firm both domestically and internationally;
  • Assist with DeFi strategies relating to earning yield through various staking and liquidity pool opportunities; and
  • Utilize company interfaces and repositories to maintain secure records.

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