Quantitative Trader



Position Brief

As a Quantitative Trader, you will have an opportunity to combine the disciplines of risk management, market-making, and cutting-edge technology as part of a team focused on crypto-native trade execution.

Varys is targeting quantitative traders with an interest in electronic market-making, systematic environments, and derivatives. You will be responsible for managing the PnL of the trading desk and the associated risks right from the start. This involves offering input and suggesting improvements related to trading strategies and applications while working in collaboration with a senior quantitative developer and the management team. Flexibility related to innovation, absent of legacy systems, corporate bureaucracy, and tedious decision-making channels create an exciting work atmosphere.

You’d be on the front line in trading the ever-changing global crypto market. As you trade, you will look to effectuate systemic improvements to the desk’s overall trading strategy and ensure its long-term viability in a competitive and dynamic market.

Being passionate about discovering creative ways to generate alpha in a rapidly evolving and energetic environment is paramount. 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Working directly under a highly experienced senior quantitative trader;
  • Comfort working within a collaborative, team-oriented environment, possessing an interest in eventually managing a team of traders in a supportive and productive manner;
  • Assess the merits of a strategy and providing valuable feedback, being unafraid to challenge concepts and approaches;
  • Manage risk associated with a derivative portfolio and the trading desk’s PnL;
  • Use trading metrics and data analysis methods in the decision-making process to improve existing strategies;
  • Conduct preliminary research into new strategy ideas;
  • Collaborate with quant research team to provide real-time feedback on model optimization; and
  • Draw unique insights from data in refining trading strategies


  • You are highly motivated; current, and former colleagues consider you exceptionally hard working and conscientious;
  • You have demonstrable analysis skills and can reason objectively to solve problems;
  • Innovative. You continually think about how improvements in technology and processes can achieve better results. You are conscious of the long-term cost of short-term decisions but demonstrate good judgment on when to be pragmatic;
  • Team player. You enjoy working in a dynamic team and are comfortable with being challenged to improve your work; and
  • Disciplined self-starter with a high degree of motivation and rigor. Able to work autonomously and independently.



  • Degree with significant quantitative elements, such as mathematics, computer science, engineering, economics, or a related field;
  • Technical background, especially related to quantitative math, statistical modeling, and strategy research;
  • Must be excited about digital assets and self-sufficient in sourcing/researching alpha opportunities (e.g. being proactive);
  • 2+ years of experience in a well-established HFT/market-making/algo trading/quantitative firm and operating proprietary electronic market-making software;
  • 2+ years of experience assisting in the management of the PnL associated with a product or portfolio;
  • Offer valuable input (e.g., UI/UX, functionality, trade reporting, metric tracking, etc.) as well as play a major role in the testing and tweaking of existing and future strategies;
  • Identify, evaluate and realize new market opportunities, trade execution, strategy performance, and revenue streams coordinating across roles and liaising with the quantitative development team;
  • Must be capable of communicating in English; and
  • Must be comfortable working remotely. 


  • Matlab/Python/C++ coding skills are a plus, but not required; and
  • Experience with machine learning.

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