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As a trusted authority on digital currency investing, Varys Capital provides secure access to the transformative asset class through its multi-strategy approach to investment returns in venture and trading, with a focus placed on decentralized finance. Based out of Bangkok, Thailand, and helmed by a New York City transplant, Varys Capital is now looking to establish its quantitative trading division. 

At Varys Capital, you will find a group of driven, dynamic people focused on researching, interpreting, and capitalizing on the global crypto market. As a team member, you will have an opportunity to combine the disciplines of risk management, research, and technology as part of an early-stage firm focused on building a comprehensive algorithmic trading division.

Our casual work environment, a culture of continuous learning, and philosophy of rewarding outstanding performance based on merit rather than tenure are what has differentiated us from our competition. We have forged a culture of innovation, where team members have a reasonable amount of autonomy, work closely with the managing partners, and play an integral role in the build-out and implementation of the trading desk. 

Being in the midst of a hyper-growth phase, Varys Capital offers a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fund with a cap-table composed of some most influential captains of the industry within the Thai market. The firm is looking for individuals that can work well in a collaborative fashion while subscribing to the fast-paced mentality of an agile technology start-up combined with the elegant sophistication of a top-tier cryptocurrency fund.

Varys Capital aims to execute various strategies algorithmically across Tier 1 exchanges, as well as supporting our portfolio of high-profile cryptocurrency investments via market-making. Varys believes this is the next frontier in fund management for those eager to capitalize on one of the fastest-growing and disruptive industries revolutionizing banking and finance. 



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