Investor Relations



Position Brief

Thailand is now the second-fastest-growing nation in terms of DeFi utility. Varys Capital is a driving force in the community and seeks to position itself as a reputable source for information, education, and training to the ever-growing population of digital asset users.

The Investor Relations role carries great responsibility and requires a special skill set. You will be interacting with a diverse group of existing and prospective investors, assisting them with navigating the digital asset landscape in a seamlessly professional manner. Only experts in the field will be considered for this role.

The position is front-facing, meaning that you will be interacting in-person regularly with clients to educate them on the basics, and eventually the higher-level intricacies of the relatively new set class. You must be energetic, personable, good with words, and a skilled orator. You will also host regular seminars (virtually and in-person), so being presentable, commanding, and possessing the heart of a teacher is a necessity.



  • Must be masterful with the use of the English language (both verbal and written);
  • Must be capable of speaking and writing in Thai (native speaker preferable);
  • Must be highly proficient in blockchain technology and be capable of explaining a wide array of topics clearly and concisely;
  • Must have public speaking ability and be comfortable hosting seminars and virtual training sessions;
  • Must have at least 3+ years in sales;
  • Must have 3+ years working in the field of investor relations, public relations, and/or marketing; and
  • Must be able to handle marketing campaigns, budgets, and social media platforms.


  • Experience with financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, valuations, and technical reporting is a plus;
  • M&A, venture capital, or trading experience is a plus;
  • Having a finance degree isn't necessary but is a plus; and
  • Having a financial designation or license isn’t necessary but is a plus.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Explain the fund’s investment thesis, strategies, performance, and the greater benefits of digital asset exposure in a competent manner instilling confidence in clients;
  • Create educational collateral that clearly communicates Varys’ value proposition, the unique strategies we utilize, and our different investment verticals;
  • Assist prospective and existing investors with the basics of cryptocurrency management (e.g. buying/selling tokens, fiat on/off ramps, exchange setup, hardware wallets, and more);
  • Assist new investors with the investment onboarding process when making subscriptions to the fund (e.g. explaining and assisting with the execution of documents; the gathering of required subscription forms, and coordination of add-on investments);
  • Must be able to walk investors through performance and position reports;
  • Host regular trainings and seminars, both virtually and in-person to educate the wider interested community about the benefits of the asset class;
  • Work in tandem with the Business Developer to build and maintain relationships with the fund’s existing and prospective investor base;
  • Constantly seek feedback to improve client-related processes and overall satisfaction levels; and
  • Oversee and manage social media platforms by way of content creation, marketing campaigns, and digital outreach. You will own the process and playbook for customer support and spearhead this effort.

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