Institutional Wealth Management



Position Brief

Varys Capital is a driving force in the community, positioning itself as a reputable source for information, education, and training for the ever-growing population of digital asset users.

The Institutional Wealth Management (IWM) role carries great responsibility and requires a particular skill set managing a sizable portfolio of capital, primarily for high-net worth individuals and institutional investors. You will be interacting with a diverse group of existing and prospective investors on the highest level, assisting them with navigating the digital asset landscape in a seamlessly professional manner, traveling the world, rubbing shoulders with thought leaders, “wheeling and dealing,” and driving the growth of the company. This is a face-paced environment but one where work-life balance matters to senior management.

The position is front-facing, meaning that you will regularly interact in person (and virtually) with clients to strategize and advise them on the benefits of digital assets portfolio exposure and, eventually, the more delicate intricacies of the firm’s offerings. You must be energetic, personable, good with words (and numbers), and a skilled orator. You must be presentable, commanding, and have a proven track record. Elegance, empathy, and poise are necessary. You will be entering a work culture that values growth potential and results.



  • Must be proficient with the use of the English language (both verbal and written);
  • Must be capable of speaking and writing in Thai (native speaker preferable);
  • Must have a finance degree;
  • Must have a high level of business intelligence and be comfortable with financial statements, modeling, and valuations;
  • Must have a proven track record of executing successful deals (buy or sell side);
  • Must be excited about portfolio rebalancing, alpha opportunities, and hedging parameters;
  • Must be somewhat proficient in blockchain technology and be capable of explaining general topics clearly and concisely;
  • Must have strong presentation skills and be comfortable with a front-facing role;
  • Must have at least 5+ years in private banking or wealth management;
  • Must be able to build rapport with class and skill; and
  • You must be willing to consistently self-educate and advance your industry knowledge base.


  • M&A, venture capital, or trading experience is a plus; and
  • Having a financial designation or license isn’t necessary but is a plus.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Source viable institutional and individual clients (institutional focus) from the domestic and foreign markets playing a central role from origination to subscription;
  • Explain the fund’s investment thesis, strategies, performance, and the benefits of digital asset exposure competently, instilling confidence in clients;
  • Assisting management and capital formation personnel in creating a well-crafted portfolio strategy for each client;
  • Leverage the firm’s existing and highly reputable limited-partner base to expand the reach and scope of the organization;
  • Work in tandem with the Head of Capital Formation, upper management, and team personnel to build and maintain relationships with the fund’s existing and prospective investor base;
  • Assist prospective and existing investors with the basics of digital asset management (e.g., buying/selling tokens, fiat on/off ramps, exchange setup, hardware wallets, and more);
  • Assist in the creation of educational collateral that communicates Varys’ value proposition, the unique strategies we utilize, and our different investment verticals;
  • Assist management in walking investors through performance and position reports;
  • In tandem with company personnel, provide support to investors in portfolio rebalancing,
    presenting viable and rational reasons for exposure to digital assets (e.g., traditional market
    hedge, portfolio diversity, etc.);
  • Attend events, seminars, roadshows, and blockchain/financial networking events to further the agenda of the firm both domestically and internationally;
  • Track, monitor, and improve company-mandated KPIs; and
  • Constantly seek feedback to improve client-related processes and overall satisfaction levels.

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