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Position Brief

Varys Capital is now in the midst of a hyper-growth phase and is seeking a qualified, agile, and motivated Human Resources Manager that strikes a balance between a Thai national and near-native English speaker as communication across various departments is crucial. The right candidate is obsessed with being efficient, excited about negotiations and is great at multitasking.

The company is now aggressively sourcing various candidates for key positions. This person must strike a careful balance between being firm yet compassionate. This is a fast-paced industry and one that’s always changing and exciting. We’re agile, collaborative, and expanding our reach on a daily basis, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.



  • Must speak, read, and write Thai as a first language (native);
  • Must be proficient in the use of the English language (both verbal and written);
  • At least 2+ years in the business administration field;
  • Must have extensive human resources experience;
  • Must be comfortable interacting with foreigners;
  • Must be proficient in Excel, Word, and Powerpoint;
  • Must be very detail-orientated;
  • Must possess strong analytical and social skills as well as being good at building relationships;
  • Can work well under pressure and be able to meet deadlines; and
  • Experience working in a financial institution (e.g. bank, investment company, M&A, etc.) is a plus.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Creating and posting job ads;
  • Working with the firm’s recruiters in various geographic locations to source viable candidates;
  • Coordinating candidate screenings with technical interviewers;
  • Running initial interview rounds working off a preset interview script;
  • Scheduling interview sessions with management;
  • Working closely with the Senior Business Administrator to ensure a smooth and efficient process;
  • Onboarding new employees (e.g. employee contracts, setup, processing, etc.);
  • Ordering background checks for new hires;
  • Assist in the handling of payroll with the accounting department;
  • Assisting the firm’s legal team with work permits, visas, etc. for foreign staff;
  • Handling logistics for foreign staff that are relocating to Bangkok (flights, school placement, housing, etc.); and
  • Constantly looking for ways to further enhance the human resources process by offering valuable feedback.

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