Financial Analyst



Position Brief

As a Financial Analyst, you will be much more than a simple number cruncher, but rather an integral part and driving force behind the financial machinery of the firm.

A financial analyst is responsible for unpacking and reconstituting the inner workings of the fund from a performance perspective. In addition to working closely with members from the quantitative division and development department, you will regularly interact with the fund administrator to ensure various reports are properly compiled.

Regular contact with our investor base while contributing to their understanding of the asset class, comprehending the mechanics of blockchain investments, assisting with venture capital placements and portfolio tracking, internal settlement of NAV, and constantly striving for greater capital efficiencies are all part of the role.



  • Must be masterful with the use of the English language (both verbal and written);
  • Must be capable of speaking and writing in Thai (native speaker preferable);
  • Must have a finance degree;
  • Must have 3+ years working within the field of finance or banking;
  • Must be proficient in financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, valuations, and technical reporting;
  • Have intermediate working knowledge of the digital asset space and cryptocurrency (e.g. crypto-related financial terms, macro indicators, etc.);
  • Strong analytical, evaluative, and objective critical thinking skills; and
  • Ability to complete tasks on time in a detailed manner.


  • M&A, investment banking, venture capital, or trading experience is a plus; and
  • Having a financial designation or license isn’t necessary but is a plus.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Reconcile trade reports and positions daily tracking assets throughout various exchanges;
  • Reconcile venture positions daily;
  • Reconcile staked/mining assets daily and respective earnings;
  • Prepare financial and operational summaries for Executive Management;
  • Monitor fund performance and understand risk analysis;
  • Liaising with the fund administrator to ensure data (e.g. contract notes, subscriptions, and redemptions) and recorded and accounted for;
  • Internally settle NAV daily and liaison with the administrator to assist in monthly NAV settlement;
  • Create weekly update briefs for investors;
  • Creation of various financial reports such as a Quarterly Investment Report;
  • Creating month-to-month (MTM) fund reports (PnL, Sharpe, Sortino, IRR, etc.);
  • Work closely with developers to improve reporting practices, creating greater efficiencies;
  • Assist in educating each prospective investor on the benefits of digital asset exposure by working in conjunction with the business developer;
  • Assist in the process of engaging active investors to determine dividend and/or redemption decisions; and
  • Utilize company interfaces and repositories to maintain secure records.

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