Senior Backend Engineer



Position Brief

The firm is now looking to hire a Senior Backend Engineer with full stack experience to work in tandem with front end developers on various internal projects.

Certain deliverables would take the shape of custom-made CRMs/dashboards, trade reporting systems with exchange API connectivity, venture analysis systems, DEX (decentralized exchange) products, and a whole host of other exciting projects furthering the agenda of the company, especially within the expanding DeFi sector.

This role carries a degree of flexible creativity in the form of both greenfield and brownfield environments. The selected developers will have the ability to guide the project from concept to completion and work with various team members from the venture and trading divisions.



  • Must be capable of communication in English (both verbal and written);
  • Must have 5+ years of development/engineering experience;
  • Must have extensive experience with TypeScript, JavaScript, Node, Express, and React (hooks, context);
  • Must have a strong understanding of how smart contracts work, be very familiar with Solidity/Hardhat and ethers.js libraries, previous experience developing ERC20 tokens (or ERC721), and potentially experienced interacting with Ethereum web3 products like UniSwap, Compound Finance, Dharma, DyDx, 0x, Kyber, etc.;
  • Must have experience using Slack, Git, and AWS (S3, DynamoDB);
  • Possess the ability to call digital asset current prices using various sources via API connectivity for exchanges and nodes for DEXs;
  • Having a strong comprehension of GAS fees, DEXs (decentralized exchanges), and AMMs (automated market makers) is a necessity;
  • Must be capable of managing a project through it’s entire buildout using management software such as Teamwork or Jira;
  • Strong analytical, evaluative, and objective critical thinking skills are necessary; and
  • Ability to complete tasks on time in a detailed manner.


  • Having a working knowledge of the digital asset/crypto space is a plus;
  • Experience with Vue, and/or Nest is a plus;
  • Being familiar, from a developer standpoint with Terra, Solana, Avalanche networks is a plus; and
  • Basic front-end development skills aren’t required but is a plus.

Role & Responsibilities


  • The developer would serve as project lead in the conceptualization and mapping of projects, additionally using internally mandated software (e.g. Teamwork, Jira) to track the progress of various projects ensuring the timeline is maintained;
  • Being able to delegate and communicate well with the front-end developer is a necessity as all projects will require strong teamwork from both sides.


  • The developer would assume the lead role in the fabrication and coding of various projects reporting directly to the director; and
  • System integrity and maintenance would fall under the purview of the senior back-end engineer to ensure all systems are fully functional while appropriate updates and improvements are constantly being made.

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