Insider Insights February 2020 Issue

February 2020 Insider Insights Issue: What 2019 Brought Us, and What to Expect in 2020

2019 has brought significant changes to the venture capital market; some existing data points have solidified and become new trends in their own right, and other well-known aspects of the investment ecosystem have dwindled away and been supplanted by new rules. 2019 continued a historic, almost unprecedented bull run, and even as it reached its peak, there have been shifts in how deals are made that will bear great importance heading into 2020.
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Insider Insights January 2020 Issue

Developing Opportunities in Varys Capital’s Sectors of Interest

Varys Capital is focused on investment opportunities in growing markets and maintains a close eye on developing and emergent spaces within them. The primary focuses lie within asset management, commercial exchanges, trade finance, digital asset infrastructure, and the e-sports and gaming industries. The following developments demonstrate just how quickly these fields move and how important it is to be on the ball for each of them. Read More

Insider Insights December 2019 Issue

Digital Asset Trends to Watch in 2020

Looking Forward to the Next Year and Beyond

As the current year wraps up, it would be wise to take a moment to review the advances that digital assets have made into business and investment markets over the past year. Much of the past year’s events have set the stage for further growth in 2020. Digital assets and blockchain have both made major inroads into infrastructure and are poised for great success in the coming new decade. Read More

Southeast Asia News December 2019 Issue

Year in Review, Recapping Digital Asset Progress in Thailand


Thailand Continues to Push Blockchain and Digital Assets Forward in 2019

Thailand has well-earned its reputation as one of the digital asset hotspots of Southeast Asia. The Thai government has been laser-focused on introducing blockchain not only into the financial markets but finding innovation to utilize blockchain in everyday processes. What follows is a selection of the most impactful changes discovered in Thailand throughout the year.
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Insider Insights November 2019 Issue

Fidelity Investments acquires a BitLicense, Opening the Door to New York’s Financial Market 

Regulators Combine and Focus Their Efforts

This summer, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has assembled its personnel that are focused on supervising and regulating business operating in digital assets into a single, unified team. Previously, the staff tasked with this responsibility were spread over different siloed departments, making it difficult for them to communicate. Although the regulatory body has been operating and issuing a small number of digital asset charters, colloquially known as BitLicenses to well-known cryptocurrency exchanges such as BitStamp and Coinbase in the past, its latest issuance to Fidelity Investments is notable being the first major institution to receive one of the coveted licenses.

This represents the 23rd such license granted to institutions in New York State to date, the most recent prior to this being Bakkt, which proceeded to launch regulated Bitcoin futures on the New York Stock Exchange. Other recent license recipients include PAX Gold, a gold-pegged asset-backed token, and BUSD, a USD-pegged asset-backed token.
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Southeast Asia News November 2019 Issue

China About-Faces on Digital Assets, Ushering in Widespread Government Acceptance

Changing Sentiment Opens New Development Options

Over the past few years, China has not been as accepting of digital assets as its neighbors; the pseudonymous nature has long been a sticking point and prevented official government endorsement. The Chinese leadership has recently pivoted to accept blockchain technology, finding the underlying technology sound enough to lead to a swift thawing of sentiment and a desire to implement it into several government processes.
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Insider Insights October 2019 Issue

Bakkt’s Flopped Launch Exhibits Negative Market Sentiment.. or Does It?

The State of the Bitcoin Market

The prior few months have exhibited market indicators that could be viewed as concerning for digital assets across the board – most notably Bitcoin, which is viewed as the flagship asset, due to its length of history and level of utilization. Although trading prices are not terribly far off from their recent peaks and represent quite a healthy gain over the past several months, trading volume has appeared to become chilled as a result of wider market news. Despite this, several bright spots remain and a breakdown of what’s happening will show the best way forward and how to put these indicators into wider context.

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Thailand News October 2019 Issue

ICHX’s iSTOX Revs Up for a 2020 Launch

Singapore’s Security Token Exchange Thunders Onto the Market

Over the last couple of years, security token offerings (STOs) have been quietly percolating as an alternative to the unconstrained and uncertain basis that ICOs had previously offered. As an investment in an STO is directly attached to some real-world, tangible item such as assets or revenue, investors can feel much more comfortable agreeing to support such a project, knowing that this real-world connection exists.

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Insider Insights September 2019 Issue

Financial Endowments Vigorously Pursue Digital Assets

Institutional Money Finds its Way In

Digital assets continue to forge new avenues into financial and investment markets. The latest sign is large institutions beginning to treat them with the attention they deserve. Many private companies in the US have already implemented blockchain as a method of improving their offerings or internal processes, but institutional investors have now demonstrated an interest in digital assets strictly as a method of earning returns. They have taken a particular interest in Bitcoin; not only because of the longevity the asset has demonstrated, but also the continued healthy, organic growth that has pushed the environment forward, even during market downturns. The diligent work that developers and participants have put into the space has not gone unnoticed.

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Thailand News September 2019 Issue

Digital Assets Accelerate Thailand’s Bond Market

Digital Assets Continue to Drive Innovation in Thailand

Thailand has driven through several new implementations of blockchain and digital assets over the past year. In April, the Siam Commercial Bank tested blockchain for cross-border business-to-business payments. In May, the Bank of Thailand built a blockchain-based system to settle payments more cheaply and quickly. Now, the Bond Association of Thailand has announced that it will issue a digital asset to provide those same benefits to the bond market and streamline yet another aspect of Thailand’s banking system.

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Insider Insights August 2019 Issue

The American Economy Signals Significant Events Ahead

Economic Signals Portend Big Changes

Over the past year, there have been several indicators that point towards the United States moving towards a recession. Although the previously discussed trade war with China is certainly having a negative impact, there are telltale signs painting a concerning picture for the US economy. It’s important to have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the economy as well as investment options to successfully navigate it should the worst predictions come to pass.

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Thailand News August 2019 Issue

Effects of the American-Chinese Trade War

How to Diversify and Adjust the Sails for What Lies Ahead

It has long been the opinion that the global economy is due for a significant correction for some time. For a time, such talk was resigned to mere pessimism or doomsaying without any real-world basis. There is now more factual, hard evidence that can no longer be ignored. However, with all global economic phenomena, not all countries are impacted the same way. There is mounting evidence that the Southeast Asia region will be affected much more strongly than most when the inevitable downturn does arrive, and a wise asset manager would do well to search for opportunities abroad to invest in to diversify their portfolio.

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