Insider Insights August 2021 Issue

High Tide in the Non-Fungible Token Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) shot out of the gate in February 2021, and while they were initially dismissed as a fad, they have shown incredible staying power and continued growth as the year has progressed. While the most well-known uses for NFTs are for digital art, such as when Beeple sold a piece for $69m, the marketplace has so much more to offer and has managed to fill several new market needs in the process.

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Insider Insights July 2021 Issue

Ethereum London Hard Fork Prepares to Go Live, Institutions Eye Proof-Of-Stake

On July 18th, 2021, the upgrade for Ethereum’s long-awaited London hard fork was deployed to its final testnet, with an estimated go-live date on August 4th. This move represents an important milestone in the progression towards Ethereum 2.0, which stands to be one of the most momentous advancements in the history of digital assets. The hard fork brings with it several immediate upgrades that may serve to provide several much-needed boosts as the sphere recovers from its sell-off over the past few months.

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Insider Insights June 2021 Issue

Sunrise in Digital Asset Market Following Sell-Offs

The digital asset market has been on a wild ride downwards over the past few months, attributed to negative sentiment from a few particularly large market movers and concerns of crackdowns over trading and mining in China, which had previously held the lion’s share of the network’s mining operations. Much of the prevailing sentiment has called this a repeat of 2018, but there are strong indicators that long-term oriented market movers are scooping up coins at a massive discount. .

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Insider Insights May 2021 Issue

Fintech Offerings Outpace Legacy Institutions

In recent years, traditional banking institutions have struggled with meeting the needs of their customer base. With a great reliance on legacy processes that have not changed appreciably in decades, the need for innovation has never been greater. Fintech offerings have sidestepped many of the slow mechanisms that have hamstrung traditional financial system development, and their influence is beginning to eat into the market share legacy banks had previously enjoyed without competition.

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Insider Insights April 2021 Issue

War of the Blockchains – Newcomers Struggle for Dominance to Meet Market Needs

With markets firmly in “Altcoin Season” territory as of this writing, all eyes have been on potential shortcomings of Ethereum at its current scale. With transaction times and fees on the rise and concerns over power usage and potential centralization growing, the community has been hard at work building solutions with alternative blockchains while maintaining Ethereum’s mission and structure. This has led to a crop of up-and-coming projects, all eager to fill the needs in the market left as Ethereum continues to mature.

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Insider Insights March 2021 Issue

State of Current Affairs for Digital Assets: Q1 2021

Bitcoin has reached several all-time highs in 2021, primarily driven by economic uncertainty in regard to the pandemic and concerns of inflation triggered by large amounts of economic stimulus. Initially, the push was driven by a large amount of institutional investment and greater accessibility of Bitcoin, such as with PayPal offering crypto trading to a massive and previously largely untapped user base. As time has passed and the bull run has continued, though, its tenor has changed. For example, Grayscale, one of the largest forces behind the institutional investment force has tapered off their purchase of coins, but this has been compensated for by a huge surge in retail investment. Over the past twelve months, Bitcoin holdings have increased on Binance by 38%, much of it occurring in 2021. Binance is also outpacing Coinbase signups by a factor of 5, as the sensational price highs have spurred a vast amount of activity and interest in Bitcoin.

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Insider Insights February 2021 Issue

New Heights for Bitcoin Price and Adoption, Paving the Way for Altcoins

February marks another wild ride for Bitcoin, starting the month at roughly $34,000 and reaching an all-time high of $58,641 with a pullback to approximately $50,000 as of the writing of this article. This has resulted in a concomitant rise in chain activity, with a matching all-time high of unique addresses sending and receiving Bitcoin. This has resulted in institutions bringing Bitcoin access into both the virtual world through platforms and physical, real-space kiosks to drive further adoption.

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Insider Insights January 2021 Issue

Bitcoin Accessibility Marches On as Rally Continues

Bitcoin’s Rally Continues On Unabated

Bitcoin’s massive rally at the end of 2020 and proceeding into 2021 is no accident. One of the most common phrases among investors when comparing it to 2017’s rally is “this one is different.” 2017’s infamous rally and then crash was driven by speculation – when the house of cards fell, there was no real weight or backing behind it. What makes 2020 different is that the house is built on rock rather than sand, with an ever-swelling user base and the financial investment of some of America’s biggest institutional players.

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