Saul Pennington-Smith

Proprietary Trading

Managing Partner

Saul began his career in 2006 at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Business Assurance and Internal Controls before shifting his focus into Finance, specializing in Fixed Income & Equity Derivatives trading.

After working at a number of the leading derivatives trading firms, Saul set up SPS Trading in the United Arab Emirates, executing low-latency systematic strategies in liquid derivatives markets with a nominal exposure of $400 million.

In 2016 Saul returned to trading his own capital, focusing on systematic strategies in foreign exchange and derivatives markets while exploring their application to the emerging digital asset class.

Saul relocated to South East Asia and joined Varys Capital to run their trading division, deploying established systematic strategies in the lucrative spot and derivative digital asset markets.

As Managing Partner and Head of Proprietary Trading at Varys Capital, his role consists of developing and deploying trading strategies, exchange procurement, hedging Varys portfolio, overseeing trading technology development within the trading division and risk management assessment.

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