Darius Askaripour

Venture Capital

Managing Partner

Originally from New York City, Darius started his career at a prominent mortgage bank Vitruvian Lending, as an account manager directly responsible for originating over $45 million of asset-backed securities in the form of issued loans within the property sector.

He built on this experience and expanded into the lucrative field of real estate investing and short sales, building his portfolio in over six states within the U.S. while generating $65 million of negotiated debt reduction.

In 2013 Darius along with partners founded Creative Equity Group, a New York City-based equity firm specializing in mezzanine and gap financing working in conjunction with developers within the field of domestic commercial development with an AUM of $120 million.

In 2017, Darius started researching the long-term potential of uncorrelated financial products, focusing on digital assets and their potential to disrupt stagnant established industries. This prompted multiple successful early-stage investments, laying a foundation for the creation of Varys Capital.

As Managing Partner of Varys Capital, Darius continues to monitor and evaluate developments in the world of digital assets by providing Venture Capital funding for carefully selected high-yield projects as well as offering oversight for a multi-strategy trading division.

Darius is Bangkok based, but spends his time between London and New York City furthering the agenda of Varys Capital.

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