Insider Insights February 2019 Issue

Blockchain Continues to Break Down Barriers
Financial Market Disruption


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This month’s newsletter brings new updates showing how blockchain continues to turn the business and investment world on its head. Companies both established and new are beginning to see that the limitations of our currently existing financial transfer framework are no longer suitable for an increasingly globalized and democratized financial world. Blockchain continues to demonstrate itself as a viable alternative to ACH and wire transfer methods that have not kept up with the pace that businesses and investments operate today.

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Insider Insights January 2019 Issue

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover
User Growth, Bakkt & Emerging Market Trends

2019 is already shaping up to be a promising year for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Despite the downturn of prices in crypto markets, the march of tech innovations and user adoption of cryptocurrency continues unabated, revealing that the health of the underlying ecosystem is as lush as ever.

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Insider Insights December 2018 Issue

The Sell-off Silver Lining
US SEC’s View on ICOs and Institutional Developments

Throughout late 2018, a rush of panic-selling has swept through cryptocurrency markets, brought on by the SEC’s classification of ICOs as securities. After reaching its meteoric peak of nearly $20,000 in late 2017, the Bitcoin price has veered sharply to a mere $3,500. Much of the mainstream media has focused on the doom and gloom of shattered fortunes, but this assessment fails to account for nuance that shows the market is actually poised for growth.

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