Varys Capital Announces Investment in Arties

Varys Capital is pleased to announce an investment in Arties. Arties’ goal is to provide a platform for traditional artists and guide them through the NFT space through combining traditional and digital art with new technology.

With the explosion of digital art over the past few decades, it has presented an emergent dilemma: how do you trade art in the digital space given its ethereal and easily reproducible nature? The answer is to provide a method of provenance and proof of ownership in an immutable record that anyone can view – a solution provided by the transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Art traded via NFTs can fetch huge sums, something that featured artist VOKA is no stranger to. Having already realized five-figure amounts for his oil on painting works on the European art market, VOKA now turns his attention towards Web3.

The focus on NFTs through Arties is to give control to the artist as to how they want their work to be distributed, while giving the right to the token holder to claim it for their personal use. The platform also allows both artists and the community to choose topics for tokens, ensuring all involved have a say in the direction they take. Through providing a channel for both artists and buyers, Arties hopes to generate popularity and buzz to elevate the nascent but swiftly growing NFT art trade. Arties highly values authenticity, and above all wants to ensure a seamless integration of an artist’s work into a digital collection. Continuous engagement with the community is also vital, and Arties also intends on creating demand of art through multiple launches and allowing customizable parameters to NFT launches, allowing specific tokens to have different attributes or rarity which can allow speculation to take place.

Furthermore, Arties also keeps engagement with the art world thriving by seeking and curating artists that may be interested in having their work minted through this exciting new platform. Above all, Arties values community and always seeks to bring both purveyors and artists together through its ever-expanding network by bridging the gap between traditional art and the blockchain.

Previously, the digitalization of art has always lagged behind what can be accomplished face-to-face – a problem that Arties intends to solve through the use of NFTs. Arties is committed to being an authentic, high-quality, and genuine community to promote the experience of both artists and purveyors.

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Darius Askaripour
Managing Partner

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